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Wakrat Clear Vinyl - Wakrat

Wakrat Clear Vinyl

$ 15.99

Rage Against The Machine bassist and founding member Tim Commerford returns in 2016 with his new politically charged Punk Rock trio WAKRAT. Self described as ‘two French nationals and one American anarchist”, Wakrat are promising to shake up the system and attack modern music with their contemporary take on aggressive punk rock. The self-titled debut album on Earache Records is a 9 track bruising assault on the state of society and will be released on November 8th (date of US General Election).

Physical out Nov 11th. 


Side A

1. Sober Addiction

2. The Number

3. Generation Fucked

4. Nail In The Snail


Side B

5. La Liberté ou la Mort

6. The Thing

7. Knucklehead

8. New Clear

9. Pigs in a Blanket